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Learning Content

Think Learning has partnered with Skillpod to use and promote their learning content.

This New Zealand designed learning content is ready to use either online or SCORM compatible to use in your own Learning Management System. Most modules are 10 - 20 minutes of engaging and interactive learning.

  • Trainers: Use any of the modules as pre or post workshop or integrate them into your workshop content for a blended learning experience.

  • Learning Professionals and Business Owners: Modules are short and relevant to modern business practice. We can add your logo or tailor content to suit specific requirements. Pick those you need now and add to your resource as required. We can even help choose a suitable LMS platform if needed.

Learning content that is ready to use

If you are reading this, likely, you are already well invested in the benefits good learning content has to your business and the wellbeing of your team.

Content can quickly be used for:

  • Inductions: Create an impactful first impression before your new staff even step onto the workplace.

  • Health, Safety, and Wellbeing: Despite being a compliance matter, this is an area of business development and continuous learning of the highest priority. Educating your team on the processes and relevance of H&S and wellbeing ensures your workplace is one that cares about its people and is a great place to work.

  • Workplace efficiency and Productivity: Introduce your staff to proven efficiency concepts and strategies. Enable team members to maximise their output without overloading themselves and creating more efficient individuals and teams.

  • Leadership: Support your leaders and managers so that they can get the best out of their team and work towards your strategic objectives.

  • Make what you want: These are just some examples. The modules range from 10-20 minutes of engagement time by learners so are accessible and relevant for busy workplaces. Mix them up and get started within days.

Module Topics Available Now Include (more being developed):

  • Team Leadership: Mentoring Your Team, Working with Remote Teams, Communication at work, Setting Professional Standards, Working with Purpose, Effective Delegation, Understanding Leadership Styles, Building Positive Relationships, Minimising Conflict in the Workplace, Influencing Others, Navigating Workplace Politics

  • Performance Improvement: Performance Improvement Plan Meeting, Where the PIP Responsibilities Lie, Introduction to Performance Improvement

  • Resilience: The Resilient Mindset, Measuring your Resilience, Building Blocks of Resilience

  • Induction: Welcome to Induction, Workstation Setup, Introduction to Privacy, Working with Purpose, Performance Efficiency, Emergency Evacuation Procedure, Communication at Work, Communication Skills at Work

  • Unconscious Bias: Unconscious Bias

  • NZ Privacy Act: Introduction to Privacy, The Privacy Act - 13 IPPS, An individual Information Privacy Principle

Business development for developing businesses

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